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Voyager story

Voyager story

time to disco

The year is 8461E, a rare data crystal was unearthed among the ancient ruins of early settlers on Planet Centauri. After extensive research, its encrypted data revealed that 10,000 similar crystals were minted in 2022 by a collective of “Voyagers” determined to set humanity on a path as a multi planetary species. Their foundational protocol led to the modern intergalactic civilization, but the Voyagers and their stories had been lost to time.. Until now.

the voyage begins

the voyage begins

Great things come from humble beginnings, and the best possible future for humanity is only achievable when all people have equal access to fundamental digital and economic rights, such as freedom from coercion and the freedom to transact.

The Voyager Pass is the first “Sovereignty Concept” NFT and grants utility via priority access to the Republic of Palau Digital Residency platform, namely Palau ID card, RNS.ID NFT, digital banking, 0% tax corporations, and comes with mint priorities to other “rights and interests” class NFTs.

By creating a revolutionary platform available to global citizens, Palau has taken the first step towards unlocking this future for all humankind. Voyagers will get access and be able to contribute to Web3 systems such as digital identity and on-chain incorporation, and help pave the way for a more free and decentralized world.

voyage begins
mission control



As a Voyager Pass holder, you are not just an NPC, but a key player to drive our mission to the next level.

Voyagers are tasked with constructing a cloud civilization that re-imagines the world from first principles, beyond geographical boundaries and archaic systems established before the information age, with an ethos centered around freedom and decentralization of power. Voyagers will explore new governance systems, experiment with new organization and capitalization structures, and help disperse these technologies globally. People from all geographies and areas of expertise are encouraged to join the movement, from the arts and sciences to computing and finance. Collectively the Voyagers will form 10,000 beacons of light, working to transform the horizon of possibilities for our world.

Voyager Captains

Voyager Captains

You, as an integral part of the Voyager community will be responsible for shaping its leadership over time. We have reserved 500 passes for Voyager Captains.

You as a holder can nominate and vote for captains you believe will drive the community one step further toward decentralized freedom, and help to unlock these benefits to citizens worldwide

voyager captains



Voyager Pass holders will be able to use their NFT to redeem for one year of Palau Digital Residency on RNS.ID. This Includes the Palau ID and RNS.ID NFT, and many other utilities on the roadmap. As a pass holder, you will also have the abilitiy to participate in voting for Captains and receive mint priorities to other “rights and interests” NFTs released to the Voyager Pass community.


Mint Pass for Palau ID and RNS.ID NFT


Nominate and vote for Voyager Captains


Join our private Discord channel


Mint priorities to other “rights and interests” class NFTs

Priority Access to RNS Service1

  • Palau address with a US zip code

    Palau address with a US zip code

  • Purchase a private network (VPN) in Palau

    Purchase a private network (VPN) in Palau

  • Identity/KYC mining on RNS

    Identity/KYC mining on RNS

  • Digital banking

    Digital banking

  • Palau virtual utilities

    Palau virtual utilities

  • Purchase and sell assets/property

    Purchase and sell assets/property

  • Palau crypto village villas

    Palau crypto village villas2

  • Purchase insurance

    Purchase insurance

  • Digital signature/certificate

    Digital signature/certificate

  • Access to digital brokerage

    Access to digital brokerage

  • Registering e-Corporations (C-corp/LLC/DAO/Trust/etc.)

    Registering e-Corporations (C-corp/LLC/DAO/Trust/etc.)

  • Digital nomad accounting

    Digital nomad accounting

  • Get a Palau virtual phone number

    Get a Palau virtual phone number

  • Digital notarization and apostille

    Digital notarization and apostille

  • Internet services

    Internet services

  • Address re-routing from Palau to home country

    Address re-routing from Palau to home country

1 We reserve the right to modify these benefits as some services may not be directly provided by us. These are  envisioned and subject to government final legislation, approval, and RNS availability.

2 Needs Palau approval and only in Palau

a new world awaits



Since the dawn of human civilization, explorers have heeded the call to adventure and journeyed into the unknown, and through their pioneering spirit have brought humanity forward and improved opportunities for individuals.

Voyagers are those among us that yearn for something new, to chart their own course, and ultimately they are the ones who make their mark on the world.

During the transition from the old Westphalian world to the birth of Civilization 2.0, Voyagers will play a crucial role in redefining our planet and its systems. Your role as a Voyager is to help humanity chart a course towards its highest aspirational values, and bend the arc of history toward the betterment of our collective future.



Terms of Service

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The Private Mint begins at 3pm UTC on May 28.
Waitlist will open 12 hours later (3am UTC on May 29)
Public Mint will open 24 hours later (3pm UTC on May 29)

Official Mint Times:

Check our PREMINT page for detailed information.

PREMINT raffle winners will be shown at 3pm UTC on May 26, you can check there to see if you are a guaranteed WL winner. If you entered the PREMINT raffle but didn’t win, your wallet address will be added to the waitlist and you will have a chance to mint if supply remains 12 hours later.
The official mint link is:
The official whitelist link is:

Please always check our official discord channel for updates.

The official mint date will be announced through discord and also our official twitter around Mid-May:
Our official discord channel link is:

We advise you not to trust DMs from anyone. Only check official links posted in the official-links channel on the left side of our discord server.
The submission on PREMINT means you have been entered in a raffle. You can check on PREMINT on May 27 (or anytime after 3pm UTC on May 26) to see if you have won the raffle and have a guaranteed WL spot.
Ethereum network is the most established, and we wanted to ensure that once everyone had their NFTs, they could trade them on OpenSea.
Official Discord link:

Join the RNS Discord to learn more information leading up to the mint.

We will have a private channel that is NFT-gated (you must hold a Voyager Pass to enter) inside the Discord after the mint. Once inside, you will have access to private channels for NFT holders.
The mint date will be communicated to you on discord and also to your email. You will have 12 hours to mint before the waitlist mint starts, and if supply remains, another 12 hours before the public mint starts.
The remainder will go to the public mint one day later.
One mint per wallet is allowed per whitelist winner.
The Voyager Pass represents priority access when there's a limited supply or whitelist/discounts/programs from our partner offerings. It's also a more private representation where you can sign a blockchain transaction to prove your ownership instead of revealing your PII with your ID card.

The RNS ID comes with a physical ID card and the RNS ID NFT to be announced soon next month. Voyager Pass holders are entitled to get the physical ID card and the RNS ID NFT for free.
Voyager Passes will be available to view when the collection is posted on OpenSea right before the mint date: